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April 2014

Upcoming 5-part Series On Improving Your Command-Line

by Colin Miller, on command-line, bash

As a developer, I find that I spend a lot of my time at the command-line. For me, this command-line is a Linux/Unix/OSX command-line. Since I spend a lot of my time there, I've modified my setup to utilize tools that make the experience more efficient and pleasant to work in. I've noticed that not all developers spend the time to upgrade their experience, and maybe don't know about some of the tricks that can be applied.

Starting later today I will be doing a 5 part series on small ways to improve your productivity with your bash-prompt, focusing on some setting changes and open-source tools you can use. This series will run all this week, one part per day.

I hope that this proves useful to my fellow developers as these tricks have greatly improved my day-to-day life.

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