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March 2011

Steps towards GTD

by Colin Miller, on GTD, Musings, Time Management, work

As my fiancé can attest, I can be awfully forgetful. It isn't that I'm not  paying attention or that I don't care about my projects, it's just that there is a lot to remember. I probably have a good 30-40 various projects that I'm either working on or would like to someday get done. Beside larger projects, there's dozens of little things that I have to remember to do. The…



December 2009


by Colin Miller, on development, Go, Time Management

There's only two more posts for me on here before 2010, and due to not being able to think of anything else to post about, I'm going to place my top development-ish related New Years resolutions that I'm going to make up on the spot. Finish an iPhone app - I've started a few small apps but I haven't had one fully finished in a usable form. I want to…



December 2009

A Month of the Pomodoro Technique

by Colin Miller, on Focusing, Pomodoro, Time Management

It has been one month as of today that I started using the Pomodoro Technique at work in an attempt to increase my productivity. I think that after a month of use I can provide an evaluation of the technique; what I find good about it along with some of the negative sides. While I think that using pomodoros has increased my productivity overall, there are still some gaps that…



November 2009

Pomodoro: Day 1 (and 2)

by Colin Miller, on Design, Pomodoro, Time Management

After having read a book on Pomodoro along with viewing some of the information on the technique's website I have started to put the idea to practice. What is actually humorous is that while using a new (to me) technique for time management, I wasn't able to fit in time to write this entry yesterday. I'm a day behind, but I put writing this up higher on my list and…



November 2009


by Colin Miller, on Focusing, Pomodoro, Time Management

I've been having trouble focusing a lot recently. When faced with a difficult problem that I can not find an obvious solution to, I tend to procrastinate or shy away from the problem. Other things become important suddenly; like checking email, talking on IM, reading slashdot. All these things do not lead to a productive day. If I'm not productive, my energy level in general goes down. I notice that…