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April 2011

Inline Objects

by Colin Miller, on Design, Java, Musings, Object Oriented Programming, Reusable Code

I like to be able to test my code in an automated fashion as much as possible. A lot of code is connected to other code, so testing a specific section can be tricky because you end up testing the coupled code as well. This breaks the main idea of unit testing and is one of the reasons that code coupling can lead to harder to maintain code. We solve…



February 2011

Succinct Code

by Colin Miller, on development, elegance, Object Oriented Programming, Reusable Code

This has been talked about in quite a few places and in a variety of ways. Most recently I was reading an article on PragPub about abstraction that caused me to pause and think about how I write methods. I've always had a set of best practices, but I think I can add another to it based on some information in that article. [caption id="attachment_387" align="aligncenter" width=…



June 2010

Discipline in Coding

by Colin Miller, on Android, Design, development, Reusable Code, Testing

The title is perhaps slightly misleading. I think overall that coding should be fun. Figuring out how to do something and getting it to work is a mental exercise that can be pretty enjoyable, especially when you finally have something finished that you can get other people to play with. However, when launching into learning a new language, platform, framework, or basically anything outside of your regular development comfort zone,…



February 2010

Remote Datasources

by Colin Miller, on Design, development, Ramblings, Reusable Code, SaaS, Scalability

Almost all applications today deal with persisted data. The only rare exceptions are usually not very complicated such as a calculator, unit conversion tool, or minor utility. Let us assume that any application we're working on is going to have some sort of persistant state that must be kept between executions of the application. Typically the state is stored in either a file or a database. File access is useful…



December 2009

Reusable Javascript: Write your own libraries

by Colin Miller, on JavaScript, Object Oriented Programming, Reusable Code

JavaScript is such an interesting language in that it is both extremely popular and hated at the same time. It is the most used programming language in the world, thanks to its inherent involvement in web programming. It is the sauce behind AJAX, and creates the dynamic aspect of dynamic web pages. It's easy to pick up and write, requiring no compiler and running on any system that has a…