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January 2011

Why You Should Comment

by Colin Miller, on Comments, Design, development, Musings, requirements

I almost wonder why I would even have to make a post like this. It seems like common sense doesn't it? When you write new code, you should write comments with your code to explain what the code is doing. Sometimes the comments should be inline for a tricky algorithm, but often it's sufficient to place comments at the start of a method/function or class just to describe what…



November 2009

Elegant Designs

by Colin Miller, on Design, elegance, requirements, Scalability

One of the most difficult things I find I have to do is coming up with an elegant solution for a difficult problem. Many problems can be solved in a rough and tumble sort of way by tackling it with brute force. However, when you really want an application that will scale well and perform at its peak you seek out those elegant solutions that look so obvious to someone…



November 2009

Defining Requirements

by Colin Miller, on Design, requirements

When working on a new project one of the first things you should do is gather a list of requirements of what the goals of the project actually are. It's hard to create something if you don't have any solid idea of what it is that you're creating. This list of requirements doesn't have to be hard fast - there are always changes and new requirements that pop up. But…