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June 2012

On Houses and Making

by Colin Miller, on House, Make, Making, Ramblings

I'm in the final stages of buying a house. This is an exciting, and stressful, event. People need to be coordinated, information must be transmitted, documents must be reviewed and signed. It's the most involved purchase I've ever made and requires a lot of people and time. That being said, the opportunities for modifications to a house that I own are totally worth it. [caption id="attachment_437" align="aligncenter"…



March 2011

The ubiquity of iOS

by Colin Miller, on App, Apple, iOS, iPad, iPad 2, Musings, Ramblings

If I asked you a decade ago what you thought the dominate OS on mobile devices would be, you probably would have thought Palm or maybe Windows. The idea that Apple would rise to domination of the mobile OSes (and devices) wouldn't have really crossed your mind. I mean in 1997 Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple which helped the company avoid bankruptcy. Who knew that a decade later, Apple…



January 2011

Job Changes

by Colin Miller, on LinkedIn, Ramblings, work

There have been a whirlwind of changes for me personally lately. The main reason that I have been mia is that I was in a recruitment process that involved both phone screenings and on-site interviews. As this was a large focus of my professional attention for the past several weeks, it would have been the topic I blogged about. However, since there's a chance colleagues of my current employeer would…



November 2010


by Colin Miller, on Ramblings, writing

I know I haven't updated in a while, and that may continue for a little bit longer. There are some things going on and decisions being made that I can't talk about right now. After they're done... I still might not be able to talk about them, we'll have to see. I'm working on some stuff with apache Pig right now on a hadoop cluster that I may make some…



October 2010

Quick review of JIRA

by Colin Miller, on Bugzilla, Issue Tracking, JIRA, Ramblings

Working on a personal project outside of my work environment places me in an interesting situation of being able to choose my tools. At my job, we use subversion for version control, bugzilla for issue tracking, a modified version of hudson for continuous integration, and twiki for documentation. I have minor gripes with all of those tools so in my personal project I thought I would try out some other…



September 2010

On Minecraft and Indie Development

by Colin Miller, on Android, Computer programming, development, iPhone, Musings, Ramblings

As has happened to Gabe from Penny Arcade, I have gotten bit by the minecraft bug. After having set up a server at, I launched into a monster-freeish world with a friend of mine to see what we could build. What seemed like a silly game to waste 20 minutes on turned into multiple nights of staying up until 2am and being really tired the next day. Minecraft…