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December 2009

A Month of the Pomodoro Technique

by Colin Miller, on Focusing, Pomodoro, Time Management

It has been one month as of today that I started using the Pomodoro Technique at work in an attempt to increase my productivity. I think that after a month of use I can provide an evaluation of the technique; what I find good about it along with some of the negative sides. While I think that using pomodoros has increased my productivity overall, there are still some gaps that…



November 2009

Pomodoro: Day 1 (and 2)

by Colin Miller, on Design, Pomodoro, Time Management

After having read a book on Pomodoro along with viewing some of the information on the technique's website I have started to put the idea to practice. What is actually humorous is that while using a new (to me) technique for time management, I wasn't able to fit in time to write this entry yesterday. I'm a day behind, but I put writing this up higher on my list and…



November 2009


by Colin Miller, on Focusing, Pomodoro, Time Management

I've been having trouble focusing a lot recently. When faced with a difficult problem that I can not find an obvious solution to, I tend to procrastinate or shy away from the problem. Other things become important suddenly; like checking email, talking on IM, reading slashdot. All these things do not lead to a productive day. If I'm not productive, my energy level in general goes down. I notice that…