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January 2010

Client Side Map-Reduce with Javascript

by Colin Miller, on JavaScript, MapReduce, Performance, Scalability

I've been doing a lot of scalability research lately. The High Scalability website has been fairly valuable to this end. I've been thinking of alternate approaches to my application designs, mostly based on services. There was an interesting article about's architecture that describes a little bit on how they put services together. I started thinking about an application that I work on and how it would work if…



January 2010

Breaking a monolithic applicaiton into Services

by Colin Miller, on Performance, SaaS, Scalability, SOA

Today I shall be tackling Service Oriented Architecture. I think that that particular buzz phrase has annoyed me a lot in the past. CTOs and middle management talk about how the read in a magazine something about SoA or SaaS (Software As A Service) as being the next big thing and that we should switch all of our stuff to that! Meanwhile there isn't a very good explanation of how…



January 2010


by Colin Miller, on development, Performance, Scalability

I'm not talking about the type that is done at the airport, but more the type that lets you see how long or how many times each section of code is called. There is most likely a wide variety of tools for profiling your code in a variety of languages. I'm going to focus on Java in this post using a tool called YourKit, but I assume other tools will…