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July 2011

Ideal Development Process - Part 1: The Build

by Colin Miller, on Building, Continuous Integration, development, Musings

I've been kicking this idea around for a while now. I often make comment on ways that I would prefer to develop or practices I would like to use or even avoid. However, they're often fairly disjointed things. "Write tests first" stands ok on its own, but where does it fit into the overall big picture of a full development work flow? So starting today I'm going to outline my…



April 2011

Inline Objects

by Colin Miller, on Design, Java, Musings, Object Oriented Programming, Reusable Code

I like to be able to test my code in an automated fashion as much as possible. A lot of code is connected to other code, so testing a specific section can be tricky because you end up testing the coupled code as well. This breaks the main idea of unit testing and is one of the reasons that code coupling can lead to harder to maintain code. We solve…



March 2011

The ubiquity of iOS

by Colin Miller, on App, Apple, iOS, iPad, iPad 2, Musings, Ramblings

If I asked you a decade ago what you thought the dominate OS on mobile devices would be, you probably would have thought Palm or maybe Windows. The idea that Apple would rise to domination of the mobile OSes (and devices) wouldn't have really crossed your mind. I mean in 1997 Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple which helped the company avoid bankruptcy. Who knew that a decade later, Apple…



March 2011

Steps towards GTD

by Colin Miller, on GTD, Musings, Time Management, work

As my fiancé can attest, I can be awfully forgetful. It isn't that I'm not  paying attention or that I don't care about my projects, it's just that there is a lot to remember. I probably have a good 30-40 various projects that I'm either working on or would like to someday get done. Beside larger projects, there's dozens of little things that I have to remember to do. The…



January 2011

Why You Should Comment

by Colin Miller, on Comments, Design, development, Musings, requirements

I almost wonder why I would even have to make a post like this. It seems like common sense doesn't it? When you write new code, you should write comments with your code to explain what the code is doing. Sometimes the comments should be inline for a tricky algorithm, but often it's sufficient to place comments at the start of a method/function or class just to describe what…



December 2010

Google CR48 and Chrome OS

by Colin Miller, on Chrome, Chrome OS, CR48, Musings

Things that I can't talk about are still going on, however I now have a new topic that I can comment on. When I arrived home yesterday, I found a box waiting for me. That box looked like this: [caption id="attachment_368" align="aligncenter" width="571" caption="It was quite surreal to find this box in the mail. I had only seen pictures of similar boxes before so I…