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August 2012

An argument against Python

by Colin Miller, on Languages, Python, Scala

I think Python is a bad language that is hard to use (correctly), should be avoided as a language for teaching new programmers, and should be relegate to simple tasks and shunned for most projects. Many people at this point would think that I'm an idiot. Who associates Python with hard to use? And avoiding it as a learning language? Isn't that it's primary role today? Well I think when…



August 2010

Learning notes from a C++ n00b - Part 1

by Colin Miller, on C++, Computer programming, Design, development, Java, Languages, Learning, Object Oriented Programming, Testing

I am primarily a Java developer. My college decided in my sophomore  year to switch from C/C++ to Java for most of the classes. While it did give me a very good foundation in Java development, it created a bit of a gap in my education. While I've done work in C in the past, I haven't had the opportunity to work on a serious project in C or…



February 2010

Java's flaws: Why Primitives Are Bad

by Colin Miller, on development, Java, Languages, Testing

I use Java every day for the majority of my work. This isn't that uncommon, as Java is one of the most used languages in businesses today. While the language has improved greatly from it's 1.0 release, some of the legacy features still make working with the language very painful. Primary I'm talking about Java primitives. Primitives in Java were one of the features taken from languages such as…