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January 2010

Client Side Map-Reduce with Javascript

by Colin Miller, on JavaScript, MapReduce, Performance, Scalability

I've been doing a lot of scalability research lately. The High Scalability website has been fairly valuable to this end. I've been thinking of alternate approaches to my application designs, mostly based on services. There was an interesting article about's architecture that describes a little bit on how they put services together. I started thinking about an application that I work on and how it would work if…



December 2009

Reusable Javascript: Write your own libraries

by Colin Miller, on JavaScript, Object Oriented Programming, Reusable Code

JavaScript is such an interesting language in that it is both extremely popular and hated at the same time. It is the most used programming language in the world, thanks to its inherent involvement in web programming. It is the sauce behind AJAX, and creates the dynamic aspect of dynamic web pages. It's easy to pick up and write, requiring no compiler and running on any system that has a…