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September 2010

On Minecraft and Indie Development

by Colin Miller, on Android, Computer programming, development, iPhone, Musings, Ramblings

As has happened to Gabe from Penny Arcade, I have gotten bit by the minecraft bug. After having set up a server at, I launched into a monster-freeish world with a friend of mine to see what we could build. What seemed like a silly game to waste 20 minutes on turned into multiple nights of staying up until 2am and being really tired the next day. Minecraft…



September 2010

Removing phones from cell networks

by Colin Miller, on electronics, iPhone, iPod, Musings, Ramblings

A few weeks ago Apple announced a new iPod touch. In many ways it was quite similar to the old iPod touch. The form factor is similar and the basic features are nearly identical. What was really added were parts of the iPhone that were missing from the iPod touch: Facetime, cameras... etc. Pretty much everything but the phone portion. Knowing that you can make calls over facetime using an…



June 2010

iPhone vs Evo

by Colin Miller, on Android, Apple, Evo, iPhone

Updated: A friend corrected me that you don't need a google voice number to forward calls straight to voicemail. I've updated my post accordingly. Recently I switched from an iPhone 3GS to an HTC Evo. This was mostly due to wanting to switch away from AT&T to cut costs, but the choice was also fueled by my desire to experience an Android phone. After having waited outside of…



June 2010

From iPhone to Android

by Colin Miller, on Android, development, Go, iPhone

Starting this friday I'll be losing my wonderful iPhone and immersing myself into the world of Android with the HTC Evo. The decision has less to do with dissatisfaction with the iPhone or the merits of Android, and more with moving from AT&T to Sprint. My fiancé had been on Verizon and I was on AT&T. Her contract was up and we decided to merge to…



January 2010

Blog Schedule Modification/Goals

by Colin Miller, on development, iPhone, Ramblings

I've decided to change the schedule in which I update this blog. I'm finding it difficult to make 3 updates a week and still have something relevant to say. To that effect I'm going to try a schedule of Friday updates. This will give me a week worth of experience to draw upon every post and perhaps will lead me to more on-topic discussions. With that said I still have…



January 2010

iPhone woes

by Colin Miller, on Apple, iPhone, Kindle, Musings, Ramblings

This is a late post because I ran out of time yesterday. It's also not on any of the subjects that I usually cover. Instead my current iPhone troubles led me to thinking about the state of smartphones and some of the general trends that the industry seems to be leaning towards. My iPhone randomly turned off last night and hasn't turned back on yet. I've tried charging it, letting…