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February 2012

An Argument For Dedicated Gaming Handhelds

by Colin Miller, on Gaming, Handhelds, iOS, mobile gaming, PSP Vita

This has nothing to do with programming, but it's still something that's been on my mind lately because I like to game. I like to play all sorts of games, from board games, card games, pen and paper role playing games, to video games. I'm going to focus on that last one here. Prompted perhaps by the recently released PSP Vita, I'd like to talk a bit about dedicated handhelds…



March 2011

The ubiquity of iOS

by Colin Miller, on App, Apple, iOS, iPad, iPad 2, Musings, Ramblings

If I asked you a decade ago what you thought the dominate OS on mobile devices would be, you probably would have thought Palm or maybe Windows. The idea that Apple would rise to domination of the mobile OSes (and devices) wouldn't have really crossed your mind. I mean in 1997 Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple which helped the company avoid bankruptcy. Who knew that a decade later, Apple…