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June 2010

From iPhone to Android

by Colin Miller, on Android, development, Go, iPhone

Starting this friday I'll be losing my wonderful iPhone and immersing myself into the world of Android with the HTC Evo. The decision has less to do with dissatisfaction with the iPhone or the merits of Android, and more with moving from AT&T to Sprint. My fiancé had been on Verizon and I was on AT&T. Her contract was up and we decided to merge to…



May 2010

Relating Development To Go

by Colin Miller, on Design, development, Go, Testing, work

This is a really niche topic of discussion. Those who have both practiced software development and played/studied Go may appreciate the relation. If you've never played go and are not a software developer... well I can't really help you there. However, today I found the similarities astounding. There are a lot of terms from Go that are used to describe the game or situations in the game. Things like…



March 2010

Go/Chess Timer with Camera

by Colin Miller, on Building, electronics, Go, Ramblings

So as I mentioned previously, I've been interested in building things recently. I haven't yet purchased an Arduino yet (I'm waiting to find the right package and for some spare money), but I still think about projects that I want to do. I've glanced at several things that other people have done and while making my own skill crane might be pretty cool, I came up with another idea that's…



December 2009


by Colin Miller, on development, Go, Time Management

There's only two more posts for me on here before 2010, and due to not being able to think of anything else to post about, I'm going to place my top development-ish related New Years resolutions that I'm going to make up on the spot. Finish an iPhone app - I've started a few small apps but I haven't had one fully finished in a usable form. I want to…



December 2009

The Game of Go

by Colin Miller, on Baduk, Go, Weiqi

This post actually has very little to do with programming, but is about a topic that some programmers might find interesting anyway. As the title implies, it is about the game of Go; which is also my favorite board game. As a quick recap for those who don't know, Go is an ancient chinese game developed around 4,000 years ago and played mostly by chinese, korean, and japanese people.…