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February 2011

Succinct Code

by Colin Miller, on development, elegance, Object Oriented Programming, Reusable Code

This has been talked about in quite a few places and in a variety of ways. Most recently I was reading an article on PragPub about abstraction that caused me to pause and think about how I write methods. I've always had a set of best practices, but I think I can add another to it based on some information in that article. [caption id="attachment_387" align="aligncenter" width=…



November 2009

Elegant Designs

by Colin Miller, on Design, elegance, requirements, Scalability

One of the most difficult things I find I have to do is coming up with an elegant solution for a difficult problem. Many problems can be solved in a rough and tumble sort of way by tackling it with brute force. However, when you really want an application that will scale well and perform at its peak you seek out those elegant solutions that look so obvious to someone…