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January 2016

Don't Use an EventBus on Mobile

by Colin Miller, on Android, development, EventBus

A practice that I've noticed infecting some mobile developers is attempting to use an EventBus in replacement of method calls. The idea being to introduce high levels of decoupling where publishers of events need to never know who will be consuming them, and for consumers to not require knowledge of the producers. While this sounds great in theory, in practice it can suffer from overly engineered and complicated code that…



July 2011

Ideal Development Process - Part 1: The Build

by Colin Miller, on Building, Continuous Integration, development, Musings

I've been kicking this idea around for a while now. I often make comment on ways that I would prefer to develop or practices I would like to use or even avoid. However, they're often fairly disjointed things. "Write tests first" stands ok on its own, but where does it fit into the overall big picture of a full development work flow? So starting today I'm going to outline my…



February 2011

Succinct Code

by Colin Miller, on development, elegance, Object Oriented Programming, Reusable Code

This has been talked about in quite a few places and in a variety of ways. Most recently I was reading an article on PragPub about abstraction that caused me to pause and think about how I write methods. I've always had a set of best practices, but I think I can add another to it based on some information in that article. [caption id="attachment_387" align="aligncenter" width=…



January 2011

Why You Should Comment

by Colin Miller, on Comments, Design, development, Musings, requirements

I almost wonder why I would even have to make a post like this. It seems like common sense doesn't it? When you write new code, you should write comments with your code to explain what the code is doing. Sometimes the comments should be inline for a tricky algorithm, but often it's sufficient to place comments at the start of a method/function or class just to describe what…



October 2010

How to Add Text Over a Progress Bar on Android

by Colin Miller, on Android, development

As a minor reprieve from my usual meandering babble, here's a tidbit that's actually useful in a practical sense. Adding text on a progress bar on Android. The ProgressBar class on android is a fickle thing. By default, it starts out in a state of a constantly moving circle indicating generic 'progress' being made on whatever task it is that you're doing. It's nice for any process where you have…



September 2010

On Minecraft and Indie Development

by Colin Miller, on Android, Computer programming, development, iPhone, Musings, Ramblings

As has happened to Gabe from Penny Arcade, I have gotten bit by the minecraft bug. After having set up a server at, I launched into a monster-freeish world with a friend of mine to see what we could build. What seemed like a silly game to waste 20 minutes on turned into multiple nights of staying up until 2am and being really tired the next day. Minecraft…