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April 2011

Inline Objects

by Colin Miller, on Design, Java, Musings, Object Oriented Programming, Reusable Code

I like to be able to test my code in an automated fashion as much as possible. A lot of code is connected to other code, so testing a specific section can be tricky because you end up testing the coupled code as well. This breaks the main idea of unit testing and is one of the reasons that code coupling can lead to harder to maintain code. We solve…



January 2011

Why You Should Comment

by Colin Miller, on Comments, Design, development, Musings, requirements

I almost wonder why I would even have to make a post like this. It seems like common sense doesn't it? When you write new code, you should write comments with your code to explain what the code is doing. Sometimes the comments should be inline for a tricky algorithm, but often it's sufficient to place comments at the start of a method/function or class just to describe what…



August 2010

Learning notes from a C++ n00b - Part 1

by Colin Miller, on C++, Computer programming, Design, development, Java, Languages, Learning, Object Oriented Programming, Testing

I am primarily a Java developer. My college decided in my sophomore  year to switch from C/C++ to Java for most of the classes. While it did give me a very good foundation in Java development, it created a bit of a gap in my education. While I've done work in C in the past, I haven't had the opportunity to work on a serious project in C or…



August 2010

An Idea for Tracer Bullets

by Colin Miller, on Design, development, Focusing, Ramblings, Testing

My favorite software development related book, The Pragmatic Programmer, has a section in it where it mentions tracer bullets. The tracer bullet system they describe really reminds me of the scaffolding system that Rails made popular. It's sort of a loose structure that gives you something to play with but that really needs to be fleshed out for your finished application. The idea behind using a tracer bullet, or scaffolding,…



June 2010

Discipline in Coding

by Colin Miller, on Android, Design, development, Reusable Code, Testing

The title is perhaps slightly misleading. I think overall that coding should be fun. Figuring out how to do something and getting it to work is a mental exercise that can be pretty enjoyable, especially when you finally have something finished that you can get other people to play with. However, when launching into learning a new language, platform, framework, or basically anything outside of your regular development comfort zone,…



June 2010

20 second builds

by Colin Miller, on Build Process, Design, development, Java, Testing

Back in May of 2007, Linus Torvolds did a talk at Google about git. Specifically he tended to reiterate the point on how your workflow changes dramatically when you can perform a merge or get new code from other people in under a second. Merging multiple branches into your own branch without remembering revision numbers and knowing that your history is in tact, being able to view the entire history…