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July 2011

Ideal Development Process - Part 1: The Build

by Colin Miller, on Building, Continuous Integration, development, Musings

I've been kicking this idea around for a while now. I often make comment on ways that I would prefer to develop or practices I would like to use or even avoid. However, they're often fairly disjointed things. "Write tests first" stands ok on its own, but where does it fit into the overall big picture of a full development work flow? So starting today I'm going to outline my…



October 2009

Dynamic Continuous Integration

by Colin Miller, on Build Process, Continuous Integration, Hudson

I have an idea for continuous integration that is a bit beyond what I'm aware of as far as the capabilities of yhudson are concerned. We work as a team on a project. This project is stored in SVN (like all good projects should be) and is continuously checked out by yhudson to be built on a CI server. However, yhudson is set up to just check out the latest…