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June 2010

20 second builds

by Colin Miller, on Build Process, Design, development, Java, Testing

Back in May of 2007, Linus Torvolds did a talk at Google about git. Specifically he tended to reiterate the point on how your workflow changes dramatically when you can perform a merge or get new code from other people in under a second. Merging multiple branches into your own branch without remembering revision numbers and knowing that your history is in tact, being able to view the entire history…



October 2009

Dynamic Continuous Integration

by Colin Miller, on Build Process, Continuous Integration, Hudson

I have an idea for continuous integration that is a bit beyond what I'm aware of as far as the capabilities of yhudson are concerned. We work as a team on a project. This project is stored in SVN (like all good projects should be) and is continuously checked out by yhudson to be built on a CI server. However, yhudson is set up to just check out the latest…