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December 2014

SimpleNoSQL 0.5 Release

by Colin Miller

I've released version 0.5 of SimpleNoSQL today. It is a local data framework for Android that avoids direct use of databases (though one is used under the hood), and allows you to store and retrieve objects with incredible ease. A full description can be found in my initial release blog.

The library is now completely independant of AsyncTask and instead runs on it's own set of dispatcher threads similar to how Volley works. You can specify the number of threads when you create a NoSQL instance.

For the sake of atomic operations, all requests now use a Read/Write lock on the bucket level. This means that if you call a write operation followed by a read operation; you're read will block until the write is complete and visa versa. Multiple reads can occur without blocking each other however. This is per bucket so you may still have multiple reads/writes to different buckets at the same time.

There is also now a way to perform synchronous operations using the SynchronousRetrieval class. You would provide it as your callback and call getSynchronousResults() which blocks until the operation completes.

I personally use this library in most of my personal projects because it's just easier to use for storing data than anything else I've found out there. I have not done performance testing, but for a light application with minimal filtering on bucket level data it should be pleanty speedy. Go try it out.

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