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January 2014

Relaunch coming soon

by Colin Miller, on blogging

I'm quite aware that this blog isn't an overly active one. I haven't made many posts recently and my viewership is quite low. In any regard, I'm going to be relaunching this blog in the upcoming months. I'm currently looking at new strategies for creating content for the site and I'm also looking at defining my focus.

For the most part, what I have been attempting to achieve with this site is a technical blog. However, up until now the blog has been quite haphazard in both timeline of posting along with content. I would rather define a more strict set of protocols and scope for this project and make it a bit more niche. While the word niche implies that the blog will be less applicable to more people, in reality it will be more applicable, to less people :).

I have currently been doing a lot of work on the Android and mobile front which is a more narrow scope, and also one quite useful to many people, while not useful to still others. I think I'm ok with that idea. I would still like a place to put my own musings, so this space may in fact be broken into multiple sections. Musings about Android program along with general musings of developing software in general. I'm still working out the system for it.

Currently I've been using WordPress for publishing content which is working well enough. I'm not convinced however that it's the best choice; so I'm looking at alternatives. One of these alternatives is actually to roll it myself as a sort of learning process, but I know things like spam filtering and the like will be pretty annoying; so I'm still on the fence. I'm also considering if AWS EC2 is still the best place for this blog to be hosted, as Amazon has a lot of stability problems and I haven't had the time to set up the ultra-reliable recovery systems that one would need for a well-run blog. Perhaps all I need is to just invest more time here, and that is one of the things I'm going to be looking into.

If you've enjoyed my posts in the past, thank you for reading. If you have any comments on what you did or did not particularly like about this blog, please let me know in the comments below. Otherwise I'll try to update again when I have a better idea of where I would like to take this space.


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