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January 2011

Job Changes

by Colin Miller, on LinkedIn, Ramblings, work

There have been a whirlwind of changes for me personally lately. The main reason that I have been mia is that I was in a recruitment process that involved both phone screenings and on-site interviews. As this was a large focus of my professional attention for the past several weeks, it would have been the topic I blogged about. However, since there's a chance colleagues of my current employeer would also read my articles, it seemed prudent to just be silent on the matter until everything was sorted out. I have since accepted a job offer with LinkedIn which ends my 2.5 year stint with Yahoo!. I do not regret my time at Yahoo. It has been a marvelous place for growth in my career that I've used to gain many skills and been able to make some worthwhile impacts. However, new challenges await and tempting new work draws me to continue on in enhancing my career.

[caption id="attachment_376" align="aligncenter" width="594" caption="This is the logo I shall now be professionally associated with. Please note that even though I will be working there, this blog will have no relation to LinkedIn, just as now it has no relation to Yahoo!"]The LinkedIn Logo[/caption]

It seems appropriate to tie in this change with the turning of the New Year. 2011 will be a year of significant change for myself and my fiancé. In 3 weeks I'll be moving my life from Burbank to San Jose and I'll be working in Mountain View; building my career in the heart of silicone valley. I'll be working on a social network with some of the largest opportunities for both growth and real impact on peoples' lives. I look forward to seeing the work that I do be used by millions of people to help them achieve whatever professional goals they have. Working on large systems has always been an interest of mine which I was partly able to accomodate at Yahoo but will be in a better position to ingrain myself in at LinkedIn. This year is also the year that I'll be getting married, probably the most significant event in my life.

So that's all for now. Big changes coming up. I'll attempt to get back into a normal posting schedule. Be advised though that there may be a time in late January that I'll be mia due to moving.

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