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December 2014

SimpleNoSQL 0.5 Release

by Colin Miller

I've released version 0.5 of SimpleNoSQL today. It is a local data framework for Android that avoids direct use of databases (though one is used under the hood), and allows you to store and retrieve objects with incredible ease. A full description can be found in my initial release blog. The library is now completely independant of AsyncTask and instead runs on it's own set of dispatcher threads similar…



November 2014

Cutoff Thumbnails in Android MediaStore

by Colin Miller, on Android, Concurrency, LinkedIn

I discovered a really wonderful cocurrency issue the other day while I was working on the LinkedIn application. It appeared that when a user takes a photo to upload as part of a status update that the thumbnail would be incomplete. The image was stored on the filesystem correctly and would upload fine, but the thumbnail in the app would be cut off. More interestingly, the thumbnail in the phone's…



August 2014

SimpleNoSQL For Android Released

by Colin Miller

I'm announcing the release of a new local data framework for Android that I've been working on called SimpleNoSQL. It's an easy way to store and retrieve objects to/from disk without dealing with files or SQL. You can check it out here on github. For many projects, we merely want to save data and retrieve it again. This is where SimpleNoSQL comes in. Say I have some class that…



July 2014

Growing your code base is like growing an organization

by Colin Miller

I'm not a manager. I'm not even a big fan of huge corporations where it's difficult to change the direction of the projects if you're a smaller part of a whole. I'm also not a fan of projects whose code gets carried away by constant additions to a select few classes that lead to bloated spaghetti code. Have you ever worked on a project where there was a single class…



June 2014

Google I/O 2014

by Colin Miller

I was able to attend Google I/O this year and I wanted to give my thoughts. This may be a bit rambly as I'm still processing the things I saw and experienced. I'll break it down into sections of the highlights of what I found interesting. Keynote I missed the first part of the keynote due to the huge line that it was to get in. I was waiting…



April 2014

Upgrade Your Command-Line - Part 5: TaskWarrior

by Colin Miller, on command-line, bash, taskwarrior

Coming to the end of this series, I'd like to mention a tool that you can use in the terminal, but isn't directly related to using a terminal. It's a tool to keep you organized and on-task right in the terminal without having to switch to a browser or external app. It's a powerful ToDo and Task management application called TaskWarrior. After installing TaskWarrior you interact with it with the…